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    See You At The Classic Car Festival!

    By Martin Alva

    See You At The Classic Car Festival!

    Classic Car Festival

    Every spring, the Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard in Downtown Dubai is completely overrun by cars of all shapes and sizes. One might think that this is an everyday sight at the boulevard. What’s so different about a springtime rush?

    Well, none of the cars on one very special day are less than 30 years old. Welcome to the Emirates Classic Car Festival. Although it does not happen on the same dates every year, classic car aficionados do get together in large numbers to celebrate the cars of old. The Emirates Classic Car Festival runs for three days, during which the onlookers are treated to the sight of majestic old cars finished to absolute perfection.

    A large number of participants in the Emirates Classic Car Festival are members of the Emirates Classic Car Club. This is a group of hundreds of car enthusiasts who regularly meet in and around Dubai to admire classic cars and head out on area tours in stylish convoys.

    We feel proud to say that a lot of these classic cars come here, at The Collectors’ Workshop, to get to their car-show-ready condition. We take a lot of care and efforts to ensure that no customer leaves our premises unsatisfied. This does not mean that anyone in our staff, be it the team or the management, looks down at modern cars.

    To us, all automobiles are equal. Some just require extensive care on account of their age and the legacy they possess. The legacy of a car, even a single individual automobile that could be mistaken for the one that followed it off the production line, is what makes it unique. We try to preserve this uniqueness of a car, be it a classic or not.

    We invite you to the Collectors’ Workshop to indulge yourself in the inner workings of a classic car. We specialize in repairing, restoring, and maintaining classic cars, and even storing them should you wish so. Let’s talk about what your beloved classic car needs, for we we look after our classic cars earnestly.

    Martin Alva

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