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    Porsche Builds Anti Theft Device For Its Classics

    By Martin Alva

    Porsche Builds Anti Theft Device For Its Classics

    Porsche Anti Theft Devices

    Porsche oldies have forever been in the radar of car thieves. While the German automaker’s classic monikers have recently been enjoying a surge in their price at auctions, there is a subsequent rise in the number of theft cases too. It is indeed heartbreaking to not find your prized possession at the place where you left it. After all, we believe the endurance and patience that goes into restoring or maintaining a classic, calls for an equal amount of love and passion. So for safety of classic car Porsche Builds Anti Theft Device For Its Classic car.

    In light of the aforementioned situation, engineers from Stuttgart have now developed a solution to lay all the safety worries of a classic car owner to rest. The German automaker is now equipping its classic with a unique cars anti theft device which has Classic Vehicle Tracking System (CVTS) that consists of hidden sensors around the car.

    Interestingly, the company suggests that the sensors in the car are connected to a Europe-wide security network. Models from the vintage six volt 356s to the Carrera GT can be fitted with the device. Porsche says that the hidden hardware is extremely time-consuming to be removed from the vehicle by the time the owner will be notified through an anti-theft app. In case if the robber, attempts to remove the battery to disable the security system, an alarm is sounded.

    In rare situations where the robber manages to steal the car, Porsche claims that Anti Theft Device system notifies the authorities and tracks the vehicle’s whereabouts via GPS monitoring, once the owner acknowledges it via the app. Surprisingly, this GPS monitoring system cannot be jammed. The engine can also be remotely prevented from being restarted, a measure that can only be undone by authorized Porsche security system installers at Porsche Centers.

    Porsche engineers can fit your classic with the safety system in one to four hours at a cost of $1,140 with a monthly $23 service charge. Apart from that, Porsche also offers “Bear-Lock” shifter lock for its future classic models, such as the 986 and 987 and the 997. On manual models, this locks the car in reverse, and on automatic models, the device prevents the shifter from being taken out of Park.

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    Martin Alva

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