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    Porsche Starts Building 3D Printed Car Parts For Its Classics

    By Martin Alva

    Porsche Starts Building 3D Printed Car Parts For Its Classics

    3D printed car parts

    Slim supply of spare parts has forever plagued the image of classic cars among motorists. While it might be apt to accept that Porsche has a huge supply of spare parts to keep its classic cars on the road, a few of them that run out creates a tedious problem leading to other expensive alternatives. And things get worse when limited-production cars such as the 959 are involved.

    Eyeing the same problem, the company has now decided a contemporary solution with the help of additive manufacturing. The folks at Stuttgart have now promised to build limited numbers of certain spare parts using 3D printing technologies. Currently, the company manufactures nine 3D Printed Car Parts and are testing 20 more for production viability. Currently on sale that has been manufactured using 3D printing include the clutch-release lever for the 959, a crank arm for the 964, and others.

    The German manufacturer claims that the 3D printed car parts in question undergo adequate tests to make sure they meet original standards, and frequently, exceed them. On the brighter side, these parts can be made on-demand, helping the company save on tooling and storage costs that are associated with making these spares using traditional methods.

    Owners of ultra-rare Porsche models will no doubt be happy to hear this. Small, simple parts like these are often the hardest to find, making restoration incredibly difficult. This is a neat, futuristic way of helping preserve icons of the past.

    However, this is not the first time that the company has made a reasonable move to improve the lives of its classic owners. Our last article talked about the new anti-theft device. The Classic Vehicle Tracking System (CVTS) that consists of hidden sensors around the car is connected to a Europe-wide security network and comes with live tracking with the help of a smartphone app.

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    Martin Alva

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