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    What Securing Your Classic Really Means

    By Martin Alva

    What Securing Your Classic Really Means

    Securing classic car

    Locking up your classic to protect from prying eyes barely makes up for a plan for securing classic car. And no we are not talking about insurances. The security of your classic necessarily also includes maintaining the conditions and protecting it from any harm that could exist even inside the garage.

    It is surprising to know the number of people who have suffered damage by keeping their car inside the car, and funnily enough, these could be easily avoided had the car been kept outside. Starting with the cover. It should be kept in mind that something as feeble as a plastic car won’t magically deflect tins of paint and other tools that would possibly fall on the car. Hence, keep your car away from them.

    In the same breath, it should also be understood that your classic deserves more than old woollen clothes or suffocating plastic covers. You did not just put your blood and sweat into restoring something that would eventually undergo a woollen cloth, would you? On the other hand, a cheap plastic cover will cause the body to ‘sweat’ and lead to micro-blistering of that expensive new paint job.

    For about AED 400, you can get a good quality cover that is designed for the job. However, you can always opt for pricier and qualitative options such as tailor-made covers for specific classics. This brings us to dampness.

    Locking your classic in a dry and hot environment is no less than subjecting it to the electric chair treatment. Too much heat can not only affect the paint of your car’s body but also compromise the adhesives inside the cabin which are not supposed to be subjected to high temperatures.

    In case if you store your car outside the house with no power, make sure the windows and vents are closed. However, these should be opened once in a while to let fresh air circulate inside.

    This article has given you detailed idea on securing classic car. If you have any queries do comment below we will try to answer your queries.

    At the Collectors’ Workshop in Dubai, we specialise in repairing, maintaining and restoring classic cars and high-end exotics and performance cars. If you are looking for a reliable car garage in Dubai, come visit us for a coffee sometime and let’s discuss your requirements.

    Martin Alva

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