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    How Much Is My Classic Car Worth?

    By Martin Alva

    How Much Is My Classic Car Worth?

    Classic car worth

    So you have finally decided if your car is worth restoring, and sent it to the experts to restore her to her former glory. Lo and behold, she is back, all shiny and chrome! Now is the time to ascertain how much it can bring you if you are planning to sell it ahead to make space for the next one. Additionally, if you want to buy a new (when we say new…) classic car, determining its market value can be a helpful yardstick in your decision making process.

    So how do you determine the value of your classic? In our previous articles, we already covered the 100-point and six-category system of rating cars. These two scales of measure can help determine the fair value of a classic car. To appraise your car, rate each of the following items on a scale of one to five, using five as the maximum value. Add up your points for the 20 categories listed below to arrive at a total rating out of a maximum 100.

    There are a lot of exterior parts you need to go over with a fine-toothed comb. These include:


    ·        Body

    ·        Doors

    ·        Hood and Trunk

    ·        Top (Roof)

    Paint, Glass, Trim


    ·        Dashboard and Instrument Panel

    ·        Upholstery

    ·        Floor Coverings

    ·        Interior Trim


    ·        Recorded Mileage on the Odometer

    ·        Engine Operation

    ·        Engine Bay

    ·        Transmission

    ·        Undercarriage


    Special Features



    Inspecting and rating all of the above aspects of the car should help you arrive at the market value of a classic car, whether you are selling or buying one. Although some aspects included in the rating system might be subjective to opinion they still need to be factored in as valid concerns while ascertaining the true and fair value of a classic car.

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    Martin Alva

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