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    The Saviour Of Japanese Classic Cars Nismo

    By Martin Alva

    The Saviour Of Japanese Classic Cars Nismo

    Japanese Classic Cars

    The year is 2019. It is time to realize that cars like the Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R can now be classed as classic. Four more years down the line, even the legendary R34 “Godzilla” will be a classic. This subcategory of cars is fast getting populated by cars that can still go toe-to-toe with modern performance machines. 

    It is also crucial to understand that high-performance classic cars go through their spares and components much faster than mildly tuned cars of the yesteryears. This is where you need to face the horror of diminishing spare parts. As we have iterated time and again, we are not owners of classic cars, just custodians who pass these machines to the next generation.

    In all seriousness, a world where people do not know what havoc cars like the GT-R series brought upon the motorsports scene is a sad world indeed. Clearly Japanese Classic Cars Nismo agrees with us, and has set itself to the task of seeing these cars through the next fifty years, at least.

    Quick recap of Japanese Classic Cars Nismo

    NISMO is Nissan’s motorsports engineering arm, and regularly churns out cars that go on to dominate whatever race they are entered in. It is NISMO which brought about cars like the GT-R Skylines, Silvia, 350Z, and 370Z in the world, making it that much richer. The performance arm is a big name on the JDM scene, and does not want to watch idly as its legendary cars wither away.

    NISMO, Nissan and Japanese company Autech have together erected a new program for these legends. The Japanese classic cars Nismo Heritage Parts programme is a new lease of life for Nissan-branded classics that have made a mark upon the world. The Heritage catalogue currently details about 160 individual parts for the R32, R33, and the bonkers R34 GT-R. More parts for more cars will be added as and when possible. 

    Here at The Collectors’ Workshop, we treat all classic cars with equal respect and enthusiasm. Imagine our happiness then, when NISMO announced its Heritage parts and spares programme. Sure, the current catalogue only covers a small range of Japanese classic cars, that too only Nissan’s. That does not mean that other manufacturers will want in on this later on. We do hoppe we can give the best of attention and service to our customers that own and drive Japanese classics, and this move by NISMO is sure in the right direction.

    For now, we are happy in the knowledge that the Godzilla will still terrorize the world’s streets with NISMO Heritage looking after the spares. Way to go Nissan, and your move, Honda. That NSX of yours is fast achieving classic status. It wouldn’t hurt to look after its preservation, would it? And while we’re at it, come on Toyota, you should do it too!

    Martin Alva

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