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    Here Are A Few Mods That Can Supplement Your Classic’s Practicality

    By Martin Alva

    Here Are A Few Mods That Can Supplement Your Classic’s Practicality

    Car Modifications

    An apt answer to the dilemma between restoration and restomods begins with a single question: How do you intend to use your classic Car? Whether you intend to drive your vehicle in the slow lane or occasionally subject it to a few track days, there’s still a fair few Car Modifications that are worth incorporating to make your ride rather practical.

    Apart from any performance modification, virtually every classic will prove to be more reliable and perform better with sensible upgrades such as electronic ignition, superior cooling (radiator and electric fan), hardened valve seats and better brakes (modern linings, disc brake conversions, servo etc).

    One of the places where Classic owners are often faced with a problem is irreversible mods. And as classics get older, the desire for originality by many may cause problems down the line. If any alternations can be reversed, then there’s little to worry over.

    Car Modifications don’t always concern more speed. It’s also about conveniences such as better lighting (most oldies are miserable in this respect). Hence here are a few mods that can help with the practicality of your classic.

    Important Car Modifications You Should Consider


    Oldies don’t have to overheat. See that the system is top-notch and invest in a higher performance radiator and use a quality waterless coolant.


    We don’t know of any classic that hasn’t benefited from an electronic ignition. Similarly, consider a new wiring loom to ward off any future trouble

    Period mods

    Look for old tuning equipment or accessory that was in vogue when your classic was new. Apart from adding to the fun, it will enhance your classic’s value.

    This is what we do at The Collectors’ Workshop. Our love for cars traces its roots to old machines that have defied the call of time. Restoration and repair services only does not even scratch the surface of our dedication towards these beautiful old machines. And at the end of the day, it is about how far one is willing to go for the car he owns. 

    Martin Alva

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