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    Maintaining The Interior Of Your Classic Car

    By Martin Alva

    Maintaining The Interior Of Your Classic Car

    Leather Seat Cover

    The value of a car is not entirely in its looks. However, we can’t deny that looks matter. When talking about a classic’s appearance people quickly relate it to its externalities, neglecting what’s on the inside.

    Keeping Classic Car interior Maintenance and all the upholstery healthy, neat and in good condition is as important as having a drool-worthy exterior.

    Failing to take care of the interiors can incur some unwanted repair bills. Additionally, being a car which is no more in production might make it difficult find the right parts.

    Hence, here is a quick walkthrough of simple guides that owners can abide by in order to ensure a well-maintained interior.

    The Leathers

    Leather is an extremely age-sensitive element in a car’s interiors. With time there is a greater chance for the quality of your leather to deteriorate.

    Oil-based dirt on a leather can easily be removed with leather cleaners and conditioners. Similarly, common stains can be tackled with small quantities of warm water. However, it should always be kept in mind that products such as washing-up liquids are to be avoided due to its high salinity that can cause premature ageing of the hide.

    The Woodworks

    High-end oldies often have abundant woodworks in their interiors and keeping the wood in good condition is crucial. A wooden interior’s worst enemy is sunlight. In order to achieve better health, one must ensure that the woodworks inside the cabin are always clean.

    Additionally, the part which is exposed to the sun should be covered whenever possible. This especially applies when a car remains unused for a long amount of time. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause problems such as cracking or fading of the top surface.

    The Metals

    Areas with constant abrasions inside the car are prone to scratching. These should be regularly cleaned with a soft cloth. And if necessary should be professionally taken apart and re-lacquered. A premium protection film can easily protect the parts with any ongoing problem or regular abrasions.

    You have got a detailed information on Classic Car interior Maintenance. If you have any queries do comment below.

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    Martin Alva

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