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    Cleaning And Polishing Your Classic Car

    By Martin Alva

    Cleaning And Polishing Your Classic Car

    Polishing classic car

    Owning a classic car does not only portray ones love and affection towards the soulful piece of engineering but also the patience and devotion that one possesses towards it. One of the basic things that prove to be utmost crucial when it comes to classic cars is the ability to keep it shining and new. When it comes to antique and age-old engineering works, cosmetic appearances do matter. But is it right to treat an old piece of art like you handle the modern ones? A classic car is no less than a vintage painting and like the latter, it has to be handled with the same amount of care and dedication. Here is detailed information on classic car cleaning and polishing.

    Is over washing a thing?

    Experts suggest that technically there is no such thing as over washing a classic car. However, every time a mild detergent is brought in contact with the paint, one endangers the paint by rubbing other microscopic contaminants with the paint. These contaminants if heavier than the paint, can leave a mark on the body. And as a result, the more often you wash the car the more you leave it with such marks.

    Apart from the not washing it too often, one must consider washing the car with the right shampoo and other equipment to prevent the removal of protective coatings on the body. A wax coating at all times on your car could be the first stepping stone towards a well-maintained car.

    Is high-pressure jet washers damaging?

    Jet washers, most of the time are harmless. However, this also depends on the condition of the paint on the car. Experts suggest that a jet washer should be avoided around paint-chipped areas. Exposing the chipped part will not only make the inner body vulnerable to corrosion but also speed up the removal of paint around the patch. A jet washer should always be used from a safe distance measuring a few feet away from the body.

    Hot water or shampoo?

    It is a straight fact when it comes to old cars that using a shampoo for classic car cleaning is always a better option. Washing with just hot water while might not have a direct impact on the paint will make the body vulnerable to wash marring due to microscopic contaminants already present on the surface.

    Hence, using a shampoo provides with lubrication which is effective on dirt and stains while retaining the quality of the paint. Apart from that, it is not preferable to use a washing-up liquid when washing your precious possession as this might contain salt which could be unfriendly to older paintwork. However, even while choosing a shampoo, one must take care with the shampoo chosen and avoid anything that would damage the get rid of the wax coating of the car.

    Polish or hard wax?

    Numerous owners with a vintage car prefer either one of the polishes or the hard-wax. However, it should be noted that polish and hard wax are two distinct products with their own purposes. A polish is a liquid that abrades the body surface microscopically to clean it. Whereas, a hard wax coats the existing paint of the car and adds gloss by filling or hiding the defects in the defects in the paint beforehand.

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    Martin Alva

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