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    Why Car Flipping Is Hurting Classic Cars

    By Martin Alva

    Why Car Flipping Is Hurting Classic Cars

    Classic Car flipping

    Car flipping is the act of buying a car for its regular price, and eventually selling a car for a profit. Flippers identify cars with the potential to appreciate in the near or farther future and buy them at throwaway prices. They then proceed to sit on their collection and wait for prices to climb up. These cars are then unlocked out of their storage and sold or auctioned off for a handsome profit.

    Flipping is, in no uncertain terms, a hurtful practice for cars involved. A bunch of designers and engineers have worked tirelessly in some part of the world to erect a truly stunning car. Imagine their horror when they find out their car did not taste racetrack asphalt even once, having been confined to dark storage spaces all this time.

    One would argue that it is just a machine, or piece of property. Just as real estate prices fluctuate, so do prices of classic cars and collectibles. This makes some cars more valuable than others. However, what makes such cars collectibles is the one thing that can potentially ruin them. Not physical ruin, for garage queens often command the best flipping prices. The legacy of a car, or its past achievements, elevates its perceived value among collector circles.

    Consider a man who has achieved the pinnacle of success in his chosen field. He is a man driven to excel in his field, yet how would he feel to be stowed away, prevented from doing what he loved, just because he was too valuable? Agreed, machines have no feelings. Yet, to see a perfectly sound Porsche 959 change hands without getting to taste tarmac is truly saddening. A car that was designed to bash furiously through dunes is being used to line someone’s pockets: now that is a terrible thing to happen.

    Thankfully, carmakers around the world have woken up to the fact that car flipping is a serious threat to their business ethics. Citing Porsche’s example, the firm had sent out a stern broadcast warning anyone against trying to flip one of its new collectible cars: the 2016 Porsche 911 R. The company genuinely wants to see its products driven to within inches of their capabilities.

    Here at The Collectors’ Workshop, we do not believe in turning a profit by turning cars into commodities. In our eyes, classic cars were made to be driven, and driven they shall be. So what if these classics show wear and tear after a good shakedown on the roads? We have an entire facility to take care of the car’s needs, whether minor or major . We provides facilities such as Full car restoration, Detailing and shaping your cars at our service workshop. Drop by our workshop sometime to see how much effort is put into a car to make it road-worthy and genuinely enjoyable to drive. We’d love to treat your classic car to some tender loving care too. See you soon, maybe?


    Martin Alva

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