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    How Classic Car Restoration Works

    By Martin Alva

    How Classic Car Restoration Works

    Classic car restoration can be one of the most rewarding feeling. It’s much more than just buying a classic and commissioning a quick rebuild. It’s about transforming an old, time-worn car back to its full glory.

    Our relationships with our clients has matured over the years simply because we never cut corners when it comes to workmanship. Yes, a quick respray can fix a blemish on the body of the car but if the source of the damage is deep rust, we don’t opt for a quick fix. We recommend what is needed to fix the car, not what we think is needed to satisfy a customer for the short term.

    There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach towards classic car restoration. Each vehicle that comes in our workshop is first carefully evaluated by a team of experts who spend the right amount of time needed to get into the details. Most often, we have multiple sessions with the owners explaining the repairs needed in detail and only then we proceed with the work once the customer truly understands the task at hand.

    If you are looking for a project car, we’ve got a few classics waiting for a new home. If you’ve got a classic car that you want to restore, bring it over and lets have a chat.

    Martin Alva

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