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    Alfa Giulia 101 Spider

    Alfa Giulia 101 Spider

    This beautiful Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider came in for a total restoration. We worked on chrome body parts and had them completely restored and re-chromed. Complete sound deadening insulation was installed. Thue body underwent a total rust repair, replacing of floor panel, repairing of boot floor panel, its soft-top roof frame was restored and galvanised before painting.

    The engine and transmission completely rebuilt with external expert partner support.

    We installed a new wiring loom with restored original components refurbished and refitted to maintain period correctness. All original emblems and decals were refurbished and refitted to maintain authenticity.

    Once all parts were reinstalled and checked, the car was polished using specialist polishing techniques and materials.

    This car won the People’s Choice award at the 2019 Bvlgari Concourse Dubai 2019 held at Bvlgari Hotel.

    This car is now ready to be shipped back to Italy, it’s birthplace and the location of its original owner.

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