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    Resurrects Old Classic Jaguar Cars For Modern Connossieurs

    By Martin Alva

    Resurrects Old Classic Jaguar Cars For Modern Connossieurs

    Old Classic Jaguar

    Classic car restoration and modification has really gathered pace in the last decade with the advent of modern machinery, techniques, and craftsmanship. These 21st-century practices are ensuring more and more classic, vintage cars now live longer and healthier lives. However, it is easy to be lost among a sea of restored and restomodded classics. And we grudgingly admit that a fair few of classic car enthusiasts are in the genre due to these machines’ undoubted crowd-pulling capabilities. How then, do you differentiate yourself from the throng?

    British carmaker Jaguar pondered over this conundrum before coming up with a truly incredible answer. The company asked itself, “Why not remake old cars from our lineup that were destined for poduction, but never saw the light of day?” Every car manufacturer has had a string of regrets in the form of unmade cars. Why not turn the regrets on their heads and make true modern classics? 

    With that in mind, Jaguar floated a new division called Jaguar Classic Works that exclusively dealt in classic cars with the lunging Jaguar badge on them. Work immediately began on one of the most sought-after classics of its time: the timeless Jaguar XKSS, of which 25 were scheduled to be made. Unfortunately, Jaguar could only build 19, leaving the production run incomplete. 

    Well, the company hasn’t given up. In 2018, Jaguar Classic showcased the #20 XKSS to a stunned world. The attention to detail was simply outstanding, with the new XKSS being an exact reproduction, or Continuation, in Jaguar’s words, of its siblings separated by more than half a century. Each bolt, each rivet, even the screws holding the throttle pedal to its stalk are as per the car’s original blueprint. This is in fact the true way of restoration.

    Which got us thinking, isn’t that exactly what we do here at The Collectors’ Workshop? We have been churning out pristinely restored and restomodded examples from our workshop. And we would like to believe that our customers are happy with our workmanship and attention to detail. What Jaguar has just started doing, or Aston Martin is emulating with its DB4 Continuation project, is exactly the kind of work we specialize in.

    So we pose you a question: Do you have a classic car in need of an overhaul? If so, feel free to visit The Collectors’ Workshop and discuss with us your needs over coffee. Let us see how we can bring your classic car back to life. For after all, classic cars deserve another lease of life. And you as a classic car owner don’t need to wait for a carmaker to start restoring cars of the brand you drive. We are here for you.

    Martin Alva

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