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    It’s Time To Look To Future Classics

    By Martin Alva

    It’s Time To Look To Future Classics

    Future classic cars

    The electronic age is truly upon us. Cars which previously shocked the world through their sheer mechanical ingenuity are becoming a thing of the past. Wherever pure mechanical engineering fall short, electronics step in to bridge the gap. Although the massive leap in progress that electronics have brought to the automotive world can only be seen as a handful of seconds of advantage over an old car, the fact remains: electronics have increased performance, efficiency, and durability of cars. In this article we are going to talk on Future classic cars.   

    This is where we are hit by a revelation. Future classic cars won’t be mechanical beasts that would whip and lash about if the driver commits a slight error. No, future classics will have electronics that will smooth over the loose link of the chain that lies between the seat and the steering wheel. Purists (a magnanimous breed with ever-changing stance and opinion) believe that the less electronic intrusion a car has, the better an automobile it is. If that were true, we would still be happy riding a bullock cart. 

    However, in times like these where electric cars are putting out close to 2,000 horsepower, electronics are as integral to a car as its chassis. This leads to the conclusion that modern classics will be more and more electronic with each passing year. This is not necessarily a bad thing, since a lot of lives today wouldn’t be in existence had it not been for advanced sensors keeping a strict, untiring lookout to ensure a car’s occupants’ safety.

    This means that recent cars like the Honda NSX, Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R, Stagea 260RS, BMW E9, Jaguar XJ6, Renault Clio V6, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution line; all these cars are in line to become the next generation of classics. 

    At The Collectors’ Workshop, we welcome these cars with open arms. We have never been partial to automobiles, ever since our inception. Bring us a period Cadillac or a modern Porsche, both the cars will be treated with equal love, care, and professionalism. Have a motorcycle? Who said we are against working over them too? This is what makes us get out of bed each day with a smile: making sure any automobile that arrives at our doorstep- classic car, modern machine, vintage motorcycle, or a two-week-old supersport racebike, we don’t discriminate- leaves The Collectors’ Workshop having received nothing but the best of attention. And yes, future classic cars are welcome at the workshop!

    Martin Alva

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