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    Classic Car Ownership Doesn’t Always Need Millions

    By Martin Alva

    Classic Car Ownership Doesn’t Always Need Millions

    Toyota Corolla

    Owning a classic car is not a piece of cake. But then again, if you wanted hassle-free ownership, you would buy a Toyota Corolla, right? If you are in the classic car market for a distinguished set of wheels, chances are you don’t just want an appliance that does everything just so, like a robot. No, you want a rumbling, gargantuan (or not) piece of machinery that feels raw, mechanical, very analogue in its operation. A machine that has its own little ways, which it makes visible to the practised, discerning eye. And you know in your heart you want that sleek E-Type. If you really want to purchased a classic car then and you are afraid of classic car cost.

    Well, there are a lot of such machines out there to choose from. Some are unfortunately rusting away in a barn in some obscure fishing village far away somewhere. Some are begrudgingly maintained and used by dint of being the only automobiles the owners can afford to run. Yet others glisten and shimmer like they just left the factory yesterday. It all depends on which one you want.

    Few lucky individuals have all the world’s money at their disposal and then some. Most of us can only dream of one day driving our own super-rare classic automobile. Skyrocketing costs of ownership coupled with diminishing spares and service backup mean that fewer and fewer classic cars can now roam freely on public roads. A majority of these cars that were capable of providing a thrilling driving experience are now confined to garage-queen roles. Cruel, but inevitable.

    In such dire straits, it is not blasphemy to look for old cars that did not achieve that coveted ‘Collectible’ status. Automobiles like Triumph TR6, Volkswagen Corrado VR6, Ford Mustangs of the ‘80s- these are all classic cars in their own right that were just passed over because of their unassuming designs. Such cars failed to strike the right chord with people of the time. This does not mean that they incapable of providing an authentic classic car driving experience behind the wheel.

    If you are one of those people who want a classic car not because of its perceived status which rubs off on the owner, you’ll find that a lot of old cars will suit your taste. It is just a matter of going out and finding the right set of wheels that connects with you in many ways every time you are out on a drive. Little niceties, some naughtiness, some drama, and a boatload of heady experiences from the driving seat- this is what classic motoring is all about.

    Your budget may vary, but the fun you can have driving one of the under-appreciated but stellar cars is unmatched. Here at The Collectors’ Workshop, we specialise in bringing classic cars to fighting form through a careful, methodical, and professional approach. If you think you have found your ideal classic car and find it unfit (as yet) for driving, feel free to give us a visit. We’ll gladly walk you through the finer nuances of owning and running a classic car.

    Additionally, we do not discriminate here on the basis of cars. Bring us a Fiat 500, bring us a Dodge Daytona, or bring us a Bentley Bentayga, we’ll make sure it leaves our workshop in no less than pristine mechanical and aesthetic condition!

    Martin Alva

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