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Britain’s Greatest Test Driver Of All Time: Norman Dewis

By Martin Alva - June 12, 2019

Britain’s Greatest Test Driver Of All Time: Norman Dewis

There is probably not much need to repeat to an audience such as this the list of achievements of Norman Dewis OBE, who died peacefully in his sleep yesterday, aged 98. You will know already that he was the man responsible for determining how all Jaguars drove from 1952 until he was unwillingly forced into retirement aged 65 in 1985. In that time he developed the D-type, E-type, MkII, XJ6 and many other greats. Had Norman Dewis not lost his father when he was 14, the world of cars may well have been a very different place. Disc brake development for road cars wouldn’t have gone the way it did, Jaguar’s C- and D-Type racers wouldn’t have established that marque’s legend, and some royal advisors may not have had a headache in 1957. Norman Dewis, the legendary Jaguar test driver who died Saturday at the age of 98, was one in a million.



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Martin Alva - June 12, 2019

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